Edward Foxx

Jewelry Designer

Most of the gemstones in Edward’s collection are too common for a museum, but they are still beautiful stones. Over twelve years ago Edward Foxx began designing jewelry with the gemstones from personal collection. Each stone was purchased for its unique color, cut, and source, and he designs the jewelry pieces to reflect the uniqueness and beauty of each one.


The Designer

Edward Foxx has always been interested in geology. As a child growing up in Dallas, Edward Foxx would pick up interesting rocks, arrowheads, or whatever the earth revealed.

In the early 90s Edward Foxx purchased a welding equipment company in America, With a natural interest in geology and a self-developed ability to work with his hands, Foxx bought some rough opal and taught herself how to cut the rough stones into gem-quality pieces.

Years later, Edward Foxx has traveled the world as a collector of unique mineral specimens and a cutter of fine, rare gemstones. There are currently over 200 gems and mineral specimens in her collection.